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Digital Global Systems Releases Dynamic Spectrum Management System White Paper
True Dynamic Spectrum Sharing

TYSONS, Va., Sept. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Digital Global Systems (DGS) has announced the release of a new technical White Paper providing an overview of the DGS Dynamic Spectrum Management System (DSMS). The release of this paper is timely since the industry continues to struggle with finding practical methodologies supporting Spectrum Sharing acceptable to both government and commercial entities.

DGS has a history of developing systems capable of creating RF Awareness. This white paper announces the maturing of these capabilities into an integrated system providing multi-dimensional RF Awareness capable of solving spectrum management challenges. In addition to redefining how spectrum can be shared dynamically, the system transforms RF data into valuable network instructions improving network performance (coverage, capacity, latency, and reliability) based on a defined policy framework.

Dr. Armando Montalvo, the DGS Chief Technical Officer, stated, "the wireless industry has pursued multiple attempts to find a solution that will allow government and commercial entities to share spectrum. Our assessment of these attempts is that they have proven the only viable solution is persistent, real-time RF Awareness transformed into actionable information at the network Edge." These are the key elements of DSMS.

DGS will be attending Mobile World Congress, September 28th, in Las Vegas and providing an overview of this capability (booth W2.735). The white paper can be found at the following link:

About DGS

Founded in 2013 and headquartered in northern Virginia, DGS blends broad experience and deep expertise in the fields of spectrum monitoring, telecommunications, critical infrastructure protection, and defense.

DGS has been awarded approximately 100 patents with 25 patents pending for the advancement of spectrum monitoring and RF data management, enabling the capture and analysis of wideband spectrum data at the point of intercept for applications that deliver real-time situational awareness.

Media contact: Alan Pritchard