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OneSimCard Launches Half a Penny per MB Data in China & Hong Kong

BOSTON, Feb. 14, 2017 -- OneSimCard, a leading global provider of low cost international mobile roaming services for businesses and leisure travelers, announced the launching of its new "China & Hong Kong Mega" data package. The new package offers 5000 MB of data in China and Hong Kong for only $29, which equates to about a half a penny per MB.

OneSimCard has long been the market leader in making high quality international roaming services affordable. Even as the major carriers have finally improved their exorbitantly  expensive offerings, OneSimCard continues to innovate and offer travelers high quality data and voice services at a fraction of the major carriers' international roaming prices.

OneSimCard's "China & Hong Kong Mega" data package comes only a few months after the company launched its "Super Select" data package.  The "Super Select" data package offers 1000 MB of data in over 25 key destination countries for $19. For customers in need of voice in addition to data, OneSimCard offers free incoming calls in over 160 countries along with outstanding outgoing call rates and the opportunity to use OneSimCard VoIP to make very inexpensive calls over the internet.

In addition to its fantastic price, the new "China & Hong Kong Mega" data package also features 2 very important advantages.  As a "foreign" SIM card, OneSimCard is not subjected to the same internet censorship as are locally purchased Chinese SIM cards. OneSimCard also roams on 2 different networks in China and switches networks based on signal strength in order to give their customers the best possible service always.

OneSimCard works worldwide in unlocked GSM devices and phones. The user simply replaces their domestic carriers' SIM card with OneSimCard when traveling internationally. All users can replace their own SIM cards in just a few seconds. OneSimCard provides international roaming services in over 200 countries.  OneSimCard is a pre-paid service which does not require any contract and has no connection fees, subscription fees or monthly maintenance fees. OneSimCard is truly the best roaming choice worldwide.

About OneSimCard 
OneSimCard (, a division of Belmont Telecom, Inc., is a leading provider of mobile service for international travelers offering low-cost data, voice and text messaging services worldwide. OneSimCard saves travelers 85% on international roaming charges compared to their regular domestic mobile carrier and has been widely acclaimed by mobile industry and travel experts, including those from The New York Times, Washington Post, Boston Globe and PC Magazine.

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