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CCI Announces 4x4 MIMO 6 Beam Multibeam Product Series
The first ever family of 4×4 MIMO Multibeam Antennas designed to significantly increase capacity and throughput

South Hackensack NJ, and Los Angeles CA, September 2018 – Communication Components Inc. (CCI), a leading provider of mobile network infrastructure solutions, is proud to announce a major innovation and product addition to our Mulitbeam Antenna portfolio of products. The industry’s first Multibeam Panel Antenna, with full 4×4 MIMO capability.

The CCI Multifunction Multibeam Antenna contains 6 independent LTE optimized beams with 4×4 MIMO capability or 12 independent LTE optimized beams with 2×2 MIMO capability or any other combination of 4×4 MIMO/2×2 MIMO deployment, providing unapparelled frequency and MIMO configuration capability.

For additional information follow the link for the 4×4 MIMO Multibeam (MBM) 6 Beam Product Series News Flash

About CCI

Communication Components Inc. (CCI) is a leading provider of innovative, cost effective equipment for wireless networks worldwide.  With over 20 years of experience providing wireless solutions, CCI delivers expertise in response to the demanding needs of today’s wireless operators and empowers customers around the globe to build the network of today in anticipation of the network for tomorrow.

CCI’s portfolio of patented innovations and solutions span macro, small cell, outdoor and indoor distributed antenna systems and LTE radio/backhaul wireless network technologies.

CCI is headquartered in South Hackensack, NJ USA, with manufacturing, R&D and sales operations in over 25 strategic locations worldwide. For more information, visit

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